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What to pack for a tour of Italy tours Italian lakes

One of the first questions we are asked by clients is "What should I pack for the tour?".

Whilst that will vary according to the individual, the answer is ''less than you think", although there are some basic considerations for all clients.

In the first instance, one of the classic mistakes people make when travelling is taking too much 'stuff'. You simply can't pack for every contingency. It's a lesson many of us only learn over time (and early on I was guilty as charged).

Whether it's flying over to Italy, getting around on buses and trains or checking in and out of hotels, lots of 'stuff' is a hassle.

We request clients bring no more than one medium-sized suitcase and a second carry-on case or backpack. Remember that, whilst we assist when we can, you'll often have responsibility for your own luggage including getting on and off the train. In some hotels you may need to walk up steps (very rarely more than a single flight) because in the old palaces that have been converted into hotels in the centres of the major towns and cities, elevators are retro-fitted where possible and sometimes this means from the first floor. (You can read more about elevators in Italian hotels here.)

On some tours, we transfer to different destinations using minivans and these have limited capacity for luggage so please bear this in mind. If you have any concerns about luggage, please contact us to discuss.

We apply a minimalist approach to our own packing, and work our way up from there... that is we start with the essentials. There’s an old piece of advice about packing for travel – pack your bag, open it up again and take half of it out. The less you have to carry around with you, the easier your travel will be (and the more room you’ll have for shopping...) You can find an overview of the items we think you should bring in your luggage here.

Remember, hotels will have laundry services and we look after our smalls in the hotel room itself. Ah, the joys of life on the road!

Lots of websites offer further information on what to pack for your tour of Italy. Here are a few we think offer sound advice:

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