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About us and our Italy tours 2020

Viaggio Italia (pronounced VEE-AH-JO EE-TELL-YA) essentially means 'journey to Italy'.

Viaggio Italia Travel (ABN 81625944283) is a family-owned company and we strive to provide our guests with a wonderful escorted group tour experience as we share a journey in Italy. We go out of our way to provide excellent personal service on tours that offer great value.

Viaggio Italia Travel is a dream whose genesis was almost 30 years ago after our first trip to Europe; mixing independent travel with guided large and small tours as we traversed the continent. We fell in love with the places we visited and the people we were lucky enough to meet.

Since then we have returned many times to explore and revisit Europe, but one country has stolen our hearts: Italy. For us, Italy has it all: amazing history and culture, great people and - of course - fabulous food and wine!

From small beginnings that began with taking friends and family on tour... and then friends of friends, and friends of friends of friends... we have expanded our ambition - as well as our tour options -  through Viaggio Italia Travel. 

An important difference between us and many other similar companies is that we come along on every tour. And so you won't be accompanied by an employee but by the owners of the company. And no-one has a higher interest in making sure you have a fabulous time on tour because we are 100% committed to ensuring the success of Viaggio Italia Travel.... it's our baby!! (Apart from our kids Katie and Nick...)

So come with us on a Viaggio Italia Travel guided small group tour of Italy and find out why we are so captivated by this wonderful country, and we're sure you will come away equally as captivated!.

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Have any questions? Feel free to contact us using the form below. We're happy to answer any questions you may have about us, our tours or about travelling to Italy in general.

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    Viaggio Italia Travel has grown from  our love of travel, Italy and the Italian lifestyle.

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